Successful projects aren't about the technology, they are about business people getting the outcomes they need

Problems businesses face now;

  • Their excellent technology teams are committed to mandatory changes and don't have time for business enablement and efficiencies
    Where they can assist, the existing tools are not suited to changing requirements leading to lengthy implementations and painful change processes
  • Business people use what they have to achieve their jobs, often without Technology involvement - usually this means Excel, which is brilliant for data analysis and presentation but not for getting, fixing and combining data which becomes an annoying manual process
  • It's difficult to combine data together to measure outcomes of actions, this often never happens

There are many ways to achieve the same goal... 

Show the same requirement to a group of consultants and they will all come up with different, potentially sound, approaches all skewed in some way to their preferred toolset and mind-set .  

How is our approach different ?

  • We work with the smart, critical, people who are already creating the analysis and reporting
    They know the required outcome and why they are doing what they do, they just don't have the tools
  • We help them automate their analysis, often turning processes that take hours into seconds, freeing them up to do the job they love
  • Often the analysis doesn't need to be automated, it may only make sense once a month once all data is in place, so there is no requirement to make it into an IT project
    If this is needed however, we can help promote the analyst's workflow to a production environment.
  • We help the analyst develop their existing workflows to deliver and maintain new requirements themselves

If you know you have the problems above, we can definitely help you

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