Here is some detail on projects that have been delivered.

Information from data - Data Warehousing

Whilst I have plenty of experience of old fashioned hand coded data warehouses and management information systems, since 2008 I have partnered with WhereScape of New Zealand.

Their Data Driven Design (3D) and RED products dramatically speed up data warehouse development and eliminate a lot of the errors introduced by developers hand writing the frankly boring traditional procedures.

Data warehouse projects have included ;

  • Single view of the client pulling together SAP banking data, Trust information from Navision, Asset Management from Pershing and journals to become the books and records assets and revenue.
    Synchronised to Dynamics CRM using Simego DataSync.
  • Time utilisation, recovery and bad debt for a lawyer and fund manager from Elite 3E and ViewPoint
  • Insurance policy information from 5 legacy systems, including rhymeSIGHT
  • Private Wealth Management asset reporting based on Microgen 4Series, 5Series and Dynamics AX

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Everyone would say that customers are the most important thing in their business but it is difficult for most people to be able to define exactly who their clients are and to manage their interactions with them.

Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are very powerful platforms that can be integrated with databases and enterprise systems.

Most recently I helped a client deliver a project where a single view of the client's business was built in a data warehouse and then synchronised with CRM to allow relationship managers to securely see their clients' up to date information in one place and track meetings, emails and conversations.

CRM allows a business to work as a team interact and service their clients in a consistent and efficient way.

Business Reporting

Many businesses have line of business systems that don't integrate well with their accounting and CRM systems, if they have them.

Recently I have been using integration tools such as Microsoft Power BI tools to pull together data from systems such as LexisOne, Dynamics AX and CRM to provide a single view of both client and internal teams costs and profitability.

Other Projects

  • CONCISE, understandable and deliverable requirements for system selection tenders.
  • CRM systems automatically refreshed from the source.
  • RELIABLE Financial data warehouses.
  • CONSISTENT Multi currency accruals
  • STANDARDISED Global reporting platform.
  • SIMPLE self service reporting.
  • EFFICIENT ordering systems.
  • COMPLEX risk management systems.