Introduction to Alteryx

Selecting the right tool to bring data from disparate sources and transform it before loading to a target destination is critical to business success.

Many organisations are struggling with the process and have failed to see the benefits of tools over custom coding. The problem with using in-house tools or custom code is that it significantly increases the total cost of ownership (TCO) in terms of maintenance, technical support ,training etc.

Using several tools can also lead to fragmented metadata, which turns compliance and other issues into chores. So to avoid these challenges , we will focus more on Self Serving ETL tool that can work with multiple data sources and perform complex analytics, including predictive, spatial, and statistical.

Self-service data analytics with Alteryx bridges the gap among skills, speed, and depth of analysis to empower data workers and analysts to achieve ever-greater insights, while reducing the burden on technical teams and unlocking hidden business opportunities.

What is Alteryx?

Single Analytic Experience – Users of all levels can unlock any data source – big or small, clean or dirty –wherever it’s stored – on your desktop, in the cloud, hidden in legacy systems.

  • Drag and Drop Workflow – Using a repeatable drag-and drop workflow, we can quickly profile, prepare and blend all of your data without having to write SQL code or custom scripts.

  • Advance Data Modelling – Enhance the value of your analysis by incorporating statistical, predictive and prescriptive analysis in both a code free or code-friendly environment.

  • Spatial Analysis – Easy to visualise advanced location-based calculations, such as drive-time, trade area, and spatial matching and point creation analyses all in the same analytic workflow.

  • Visual competence – Once you’ve completed your analysis, output analytic results to data visualisations featuring tables, charts, and maps that bring your insights to life.

  • Sharing –  Alteryx Server, a secure and scalable server-based product for scheduling, sharing analytical app, and running analytic processes and applications in a Web-based environment.


Common Alteryx Misconceptions

It is not designed to replace enterprise ETL platforms, but rather complement them for analytic insights delivered at the speed of business needs.

  • It is not visual analytics, but a conduit for accessing, cleansing, and blending data from multiple sources; performing advanced analytics; and sharing insights at scale.

  • It is not a niche tool for predictive or spatial analytics requiring deep knowledge of statistics, R, or GIS tools, but an intuitive platform that empowers users of all skill levels.

  • It is not a contributor to the rise of data chaos creating shadow IT projects, but a platform that respects data governance and ensures that only the right users have permission to access the right data.


To summarise , Alteryx is one of the best known software products in the world of analytics and many companies are using to obtain valuable insights from data. Alteryx enables anyone to visually and iteratively integrate and blend data from multiple sources and types, like social media, CRM, ERP Hadoop, or data warehouses―whether cloud or on-premise. It makes it simple to go from data to reporting and dashboards,publishing and sharing interactive analytics for everyone inside and outside your organisation.

Introduction to Alteryx Designer…

2.) Prep and blend the right data

Create the right dataset for analysis or visualisation using data quality, integration, and transformation tools.

4.) Make the most of spatial or location data

Blend and output spatial data files then easily join it with 3rd party data such as demographics.

1.) Access all your relevant data

Connect to and cleanse data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets and other sources.

3.) Get data ready for predictive analytics

Accelerate the processes of creating predictive analytics with specifically designed tools.

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