Alteryx Designer License Authentication Guide

Activating your Alteryx license key offline

In a perfect world you’d be able to paste in your Alteryx license key and have it activated online in an instant when prompted within Alteryx Designer.

However, with stringent firewall and proxy server settings in places in most organisations this is typically unavailable.

Should you not be able to activate your Alteryx license key from with Alteryx Designer itself, please follow the guide detailed below for activating your Alteryx license offline…

“The below guide assumes that you already have Alteryx Designer installed onto your desktop. Should you need assistance on how to install Alteryx, please refer to our Alteryx Designer Installation Guide.”

  1. Open Alteryx Designer

  2. Select “Options”, and then “Manage Licenses


3. In the new “Manage Licenses” window, select “Activate New License

4. Select “Activate with File

5. Under “Create a request file to request activation”, select “Create


6. Complete the presented form with the required information, and select “Create request

7. This will now create a “request file”. Please save this file somewhere on your desktop that’ll you’ll be able to access in a moment

8. Open your internet browser and navigate to (

9. Complete the “Sign Up” form, and select “Sign Up


10. Accept the presented Terms and Conditions by selecting “Accept

11. Enter in your Alteryx Designer license key and select “OK

Now that you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to the Downloads & Licenses portal at anytime. This is the area that will also allow you to access new releases of Alteryx when they become available to download.

You can get back to this page by navigating to ( and completing the “Sign In” section with your chosen email address and password.

12. Under “Announcements” select the hyperlink that reads “Upload Activation Request


13. Select “Choose File” and navigate to, and open the “request file” that you previously saved in Step 7

14. Select “Send

15. This will now create an “activation file”. Select “Save As”, and save this file somewhere on your desktop that’ll you’ll be able to access in a moment

16. Head back to Alteryx Designer, and select “Back

17. You should now be presented with the same “Alteryx Designer Activation” window as you were before. Under “Use an activation file to activate offline”, select “Browse


18. Navigate to, and open the “activation file” that you created in Step 15

19. Congratulations - you should have now successfully activated your Alteryx Designer license, select “Experience Alteryx

If you experience any issues whilst following this guide please get in contact with a member of the Continuum team, all of whom would be happy to assist you