Here at Continuum we are passionate supporters of local talent, businesses and the community

We are organising members of the Breakfast Club, a local small business group, and founders of Project 52, Jersey's first not for profit, crowd funded and best lounge bar.

We are also leading partners of Alteryx for Good, where we obtain free Alteryx licenses for local not for profit organisations to automate their administration and focus on helping their customers and finding funds to increase their services.

We have a diverse population of Alteryx users who would love to help you make sense of your data as their CSR !

We currently help Macmillan Jersey, Jersey Heritage and Calligo Tigers Swimming Club, but we are always keen to hear from charities that would like to participate.

If you are a charity that ;

  • Is locally based.

  • Is Windows 64-bit based.

  • Has different data sources that you struggle to organise in Excel.

  • Have some initiatives that you would like to launch but can't due to lack of tools or skills…

...please get in touch!