The Month in Technology August 2015 - Introduction

("The Month In Technology", Jersey Evening Post, August 27)

This is the first of a monthly series of articles in which I will explore the effect of emerging technology on our work and personal lives.

It won’t be about gadgets, upgrading to Windows 10, or things like that which are perfectly well covered elsewhere.

By the end I will even have a logo.

It is obvious to state that technology is changing our lives, but in a way we happy few working in Jersey have been insulated from the full effects of digitalisation by geography and regulatory requirements.

Globalisation is, however, making its presence felt here more every day.  I am sure that over time you have observed work that used to be performed here being moved to lower cost locations (i.e. nearly everywhere else except Switzerland and Guernsey).

The “Think Twice Buy Local” campaign estimated that buying a delicious Rhubarb Jersey Dairy yoghurt meant that 80p in the pound stayed on the island, as opposed to only 20p for a Muller.

If you are selling your time, as are most small professional services providers, that is nearer 100p/0p.

At the risk of sounding like a movie trailer, In a World where someone who can theoretically do your job for less is a keystroke away, how do we in Jersey ensure that it is we who get the work ?

To state the reverse, technology also allows more Jersey businesses to compete worldwide.

I suggest we will compete by picking our battles and delivering a better service.

To be continued…

All feedback (non abusive, or at least amusing) welcome.