Jersey data experts prepare to show Island how AI and robotics is transforming business

Continuum is to join Jersey tech experts in a week of seminars about the impact of new technologies on financial services. The data analytics provider will show businesses how Artificial Intelligence tools can be used in a practical way in the Island.

Taking place from 17-21 September at Jersey International Business School, the seminars will give financial services professionals the opportunity to find out more about the tech and trends that will change their industry.

Continuum is opening the AI and Robotics day with a seminar on how AI and Robotics can be used in everyday business situations to analyse data without the need for code.

Dan Hare, Managing Director, Continuum, said: “We’re at the start of the data revolution when data and the way we manage it will have an impact on everyone’s business, and indeed, on everyone’s life.

“There are a lot of myths around how to analyse the data we have, around how you need data scientists or people who can write or read code to interpret data and extract its value. AI and robotics can provide the tools to make the process a lot simpler. My aim with the seminar is to explain some of the uses and open up the debate around how we can all make the most of our data ourselves in a simple, cost effective way.”

AI and Robotics for everyone today, not experts tomorrow is part of the Jersey International Business School (JIBS) Digital Financial Services Week, a programme of 25 seminars on digital transformation. As well as AI and Robotics, topics include Cyber Security, Data Protection, Fin Tech, and Digital Marketing.

Continuum presented a highly-rated seminar on how AI will affect accountants at JIBS earlier this year and will be building on some of the points in this CPD-accredited session, in addition to introducing the subject to those with no prior experience of AI and robotics.

Dan said: “Momentum around data analytics is gathering and many businesses are at the stage where they need to step up their analytics if they are going to make the gains to take their business forward in a data age and gain an advantage on their competitors.

“Data analytics is moving very quickly from being a ‘science’ to being just part of business, which means you need to make data applications accessible for more people in your business, so they can use them in a practical way – something AI and robotics can help you with.”

Dan set up Continuum in Jersey in 2014 to help businesses bridge the gap between information and analytics. The company has over 20 satisfied clients across the Channel Islands, UK and Europe, specialising in financial services, training staff to use data platforms to improve everyday processes.

AI and Robotics for everyone today, not experts tomorrow, with Dan Hare, Founder, Continuum, will take place at JIBS, Friday 21 September from 10:00 – 11:00 am. Book your place at

The event will be followed with a seminar on robotics by Mason Breese that will tie in with the Alteryx content for anyone who wishes to go more in depth into the subject.