Continuum starts search for Alteryx For Good charity partner 2020

Continuum is looking for a new charity partner in Jersey who needs help managing its data.

The charity partner will receive a free Alteryx licence and enablement training from Continuum to show staff how to use data analytics tools to improve the way they administer data, freeing up time for vital charity work.

Over the past few years Continuum has worked with various charities in Jersey, including Macmillan Cancer Support, Jersey Heritage, and Calligo Tigers Swimming Club.

Alteryx is a data analytics platform that allows organisations to automate and streamline the way they manage data without the need for code. The training Continuum will offer their charity partner using Alteryx can take someone with no technical knowledge to a level where they can successfully interpret their organisation’s data, in just a few hours.

Dan Hare, Founder, Continuum, said: “Tools such as Alteryx enable global businesses to transform the way they analyse data, speeding up and streamlining processes, giving them accurate information to improve their products and services. Alteryx has been a game changer for many organisations all over the world and we are delighted that we can help bring this revolutionary technology to charities in Jersey in this way.

“Jersey has one of the world’s most highly trained populations of Alteryx users, with many Island businesses such as PwC, Aztec, and Standard Bank becoming early adopters of the software. This creates a large community of people beyond Continuum with the skills to support charities as they improve and streamline their data administration.”

The charity partner can use the tools and training to transform operations in whatever way will make the most difference to their work. Continuum’s first charity partner, Macmillan Cancer Support, used Alteryx to move from a paper-based to an online system for data collection which saves staff time and improves reporting.

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Jorge Cabrejas, Service Development Manager, Macmillan, said: “As a result of our partnership with Continuum we have transferred a paper-based model of data collection to an online version. By enabling us to record data directly into the Alteryx system we reduce the amount of time collating and manually inputting the data.

“Thanks to Alteryx we can access and correlate information we didn’t have before, making it possible to answer questions such as the number of people using our service and where they are referred from, which helps with annual reports and makes it easier for us to present accurate information to our directors to help decision making.”

Continuum helps businesses organise, interpret, and extract value from their data through AI-assisted software. Founded in Jersey in 2014, Continuum has worked with over 30 organisations in the Channel Islands, UK, and Europe installing data analytics platforms such as Alteryx, and training staff to use these to improve everyday processes.

Earlier this year Continuum was appointed an Alteryx Premier Partner, one of just four companies in the UK to enjoy highest partner status with the global software provider.

For more information on becoming a charity partner, see and email

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