Continuum launches new bus advertising campaign taking Alteryx to a wider audience in Jersey

Continuum launches new bus advertising campaign taking Alteryx to a wider audience in Jersey

Continuum is celebrating its new status as an Alteryx Premier Partner with a campaign to take Alteryx to a wider audience in Jersey, Channel Islands.

The bus advert campaign is Continuum’s first venture into advertising, cementing the firm’s status as one of Alteryx’s key providers of data analytics software not just in the Channel Islands but in the UK, Europe, and further afield.

Featuring the message ‘Hey, what’s keeping you?’ with a dog holding its lead, the advert focuses on how Alteryx helps save people’s time through automating until now complex data tasks.

Dan Hare, Founder, Continuum, said: “Whenever we speak to our new Alteryx clients they are always surprised at how much time it saves them. We work in an era where more and more data is created every day, and as we rely increasingly on data for business and regulatory processes, the only way we can use this data efficiently is through better tools.

“Alteryx is one of the easiest and most affordable ways for companies to automate their data tasks, freeing up staff time and allowing people to focus on parts of their roles where they can add more value.”

The advert will appear on one of the Liberty buses travelling on routes around the Island from April.

Premier Partner status is the highest status partner for Alteryx, and Continuum is one of just four firms in the UK with this status.

Dan said: “We had always focused on word-of-mouth as the best form of advertising, however, since becoming a Premier Partner we and Alteryx felt it was appropriate to celebrate by helping take the message about what Alteryx can do to a wider audience in the Island in a more fun way.”

Founded in 2014, Continuum offers data science consultancy to organisations of all sizes in the Channel Islands and UK, helping bridge the gap between business data and analytics.

Do you need to get your life back? Or simply want to get home from work on time? Get in touch with Continuum for more details about how Alteryx can help sort out your data analytics.

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