Continuum starts search for Alteryx For Good charity partner 2020

Continuum starts search for Alteryx For Good charity partner 2020

Continuum is looking for a new charity partner in Jersey who needs help managing its data. The charity partner will receive a free Alteryx licence and enablement training from Continuum to show staff how to use data analytics tools to improve the way they administer data, freeing up time for vital charity work.

Alteryx User Group | Guernsey

The third Guernsey Ateryx user group is being held in The Shed at the Digital Greenhouse on Wednesday 25th September. Numbers are limited, so RSVP early using the button below.

13:30 | Free late sandwich lunch (there is such a thing!)
14:00 | User Group to 14:45

Once again, we will be delighted to host a number of the Alteryx team for the User Group, who will show the new features in Alteryx 2019.3 in the User Group meeting, and will then lead the Hands-On Advanced Analytics Workshop in the afternoon.

The workshop is aimed at those of you who want to have a go at more advanced Analytics with support from Alteryx and the Continuum team.

Kindly bring your Windows 64 bit laptops with Alteryx installed.

eCommerce Business UK Tool Centre

UK Tool Centre has operated a large showroom of 10,000+ products for over 60 years, and recently launched their ecommerce channel. Like many fast growing b2c businesses, they struggled with a complex retail buying structure, and the ability to link their Warehouse Management System (WMS) across logistics, supply chain, and marketing functions.

Alteryx serves as the great glue between their website and core accounts systems, and departments such as marketing - who once struggled to get meaningful performance data from the WMS – can now glean insights every day.

Not to mention one of our Directors, Phil Balderson, single-handedly did the whole thing in Alteryx in under a week!

Read the full use case here.

Have a similar issue and wonder if we can help? drop us an email at

Alteryx User Group | Jersey


Come and join us at the newly refurbished Digital Jersey HUB on the 24th September. Numbers are limited to 50, so RSVP early using the button below.

12:00 | Free lunch (yes it's still free !)
12:30 | User Group
14:00 | Hands-On Advanced Analytics Workshop, ends 16:00

Once again, we will be delighted to host a number of the Alteryx team for the User Group, including the legendary Shaan Mistry who will show the new features in Alteryx 2019.3 in the User Group meeting, and will then lead the Hands-On Advanced Analytics Workshop in the afternoon.

The workshop is aimed at those of you who want to have a go at more advanced Analytics with support from Shaan and the Continuum team.

Kindly bring your Windows 64 bit laptops with Alteryx installed.

Enterprise Finance - Standard Bank Automate Everything

So many corporate functions face the same problem – an overwhelming number of manual processes, which do not make good use of their employees’ skills.

This is one of the areas we at Continuum can help.

This blog is the first of an occasional series on how our clients are using Alteryx, in this case Standard Bank automated their manual processes.

Standard Bank is a large international brand operating in multiple business areas and jurisdictions. Their main strategy is to be an Africa-focused, client-centred and digitally-enabled financial services organisation. On their journey to automation, they saved thousands of hours per year using Alteryx workflows to collect, format, analyse and deploy data.

Katrin Erb is the Finance Automations Manager at Standard Bank and also a co-leader of the Channel Islands Alteryx user group, learn in this use case why Alteryx makes her feel confident to take on the toughest data challenges.

Read the full use case here.

Continuum launches new bus advertising campaign taking Alteryx to a wider audience in Jersey

Continuum launches new bus advertising campaign taking Alteryx to a wider audience in Jersey

Continuum is celebrating its new status as an Alteryx Premier Partner with a campaign to take Alteryx to a wider audience in Jersey, Channel Islands.

The bus advert campaign is Continuum’s first venture into advertising, cementing the firm’s status as one of Alteryx’s key providers of data analytics software not just in the Channel Islands but in the UK, Europe, and further afield.

Featuring the message ‘Hey, what’s keeping you?’ with a dog holding its lead, the advert focuses on how Alteryx helps save people’s time through automating until now complex data tasks.

Dan Hare, Founder, Continuum, said: “Whenever we speak to our new Alteryx clients they are always surprised at how much time it saves them. We work in an era where more and more data is created every day, and as we rely increasingly on data for business and regulatory processes, the only way we can use this data efficiently is through better tools.

“Alteryx is one of the easiest and most affordable ways for companies to automate their data tasks, freeing up staff time and allowing people to focus on parts of their roles where they can add more value.”

The advert will appear on one of the Liberty buses travelling on routes around the Island from April.

Premier Partner status is the highest status partner for Alteryx, and Continuum is one of just four firms in the UK with this status.

Dan said: “We had always focused on word-of-mouth as the best form of advertising, however, since becoming a Premier Partner we and Alteryx felt it was appropriate to celebrate by helping take the message about what Alteryx can do to a wider audience in the Island in a more fun way.”

Founded in 2014, Continuum offers data science consultancy to organisations of all sizes in the Channel Islands and UK, helping bridge the gap between business data and analytics.

Do you need to get your life back? Or simply want to get home from work on time? Get in touch with Continuum for more details about how Alteryx can help sort out your data analytics.

Bus ad.png

Continuum becomes Premier Partner for global data analytic platform

Continuum, the Alteryx Partner for the Channel Islands and Crown Dependencies, has joined only three other UK firms as the highest status partner for the data analytics platform.

As a Premier Partner, Continuum gets access to internal Alteryx events and resources, helping bring the latest developments and training opportunities to Channel Island clients as soon as they are released.

The new status cements Continuum’s position as a provider of end-to-end data science and analytics software for Channel Island businesses.

Dan Hare, Founder, Continuum, said: “It’s a great achievement for our team and their continued success helping Channel Island and overseas firms transform their businesses though better data access and analysis. We have grown tremendously over the past couple of years as more organisations see the value of better data and the ease at which they can achieve this, either with our help or by themselves, through Alteryx.”

As a Premier Partner, Continuum was one of only 25 organisations worldwide invited to Alteryx’s Global Kick Off in Denver, Colorado, last week which was attended by all 900 Alteryx staff.

Dan said: “Being invited was a game changer for us as it puts us on the inside track to new developments in data analytics and the many innovative ways businesses around the world are using the platform. This puts us in a really strong position to ensure we’re delivering the most cutting-edge services for Channel Island clients, helping them make the most of their data to stay ahead of the competition.”

Dan set up Continuum in Jersey in 2014 to help businesses bridge the gap between business data and analytics. Since then the firm has helped over 30 clients across the Channel Islands, UK and Europe install data platforms and train staff to use these to improve everyday processes.

Alteryx combines data from multiple systems applying transparent rules to allow business analysts to provide a ‘single view’ for accurate reporting and informed decisions. By using the clean Alteryx data Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can automatically update source systems via the user interface, creating a more reliable, cost-effective process and freeing up staff time.

Steve Walden, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Alteryx, said: “Premier Partners serve as Alteryx ambassadors in their respective markets and greatly contribute to the global adoption of self-service data science and analytics across the globe. Together, we are working to ensure that our customers are making the most of their data assets by embracing a culture of analytics that encourages collaboration and bridges the gaps between data scientists and business experts. Our Premier Partners are an extension of Alteryx, ensuring a seamless experience across every touchpoint for their customers.”

Steve Lynch, Head of Alteryx Partnership for Northern Europe, said: “Continuum has risen above and beyond what Alteryx expect from our partners and has driven great success for both Continuum and Alteryx within EMEA, particularly in Financial Services. Our Relationship has continued to grow over the last three years and with great drive and passion from Dan and his team, and ourselves at Alteryx, we look forward to growing this great relationship into 2019 and beyond.”


Winner of global data analytics prize to address Jersey Alteryx User Group

A Jersey accountant who scooped a global data analytics award less than a year after starting to use the software is to show Alteryx users her winning technique at the Jersey User Group this week.

Katrin Erb, Finance Automation and Product Manager, Standard Bank, won the Alteryx Grand Prix competition at the Inspire Europe 2018 Conference, becoming one of the top 500 Alteryx users in the world. She was partnered in the finals by Dan Hare, Founder, Continuum.

The Grand Prix final required competitors to analyse past Grand Prix qualifying and finishing times and work out how many turns there are in the Houston Grand Prix circuit to predict a finishing position – something Katrin and Dan managed in just 16 minutes.

Over 1,500 people attended the Inspire conference last month, including finance professionals from Jersey. The annual conference is designed to celebrate successes in disruptive technologies, bringing together people from across the business community to learn more about the latest advances in data analytics.

As well as highlights from Inspire, the Alteryx User Group will feature an overview of Alteryx by Stu Wilson, Head of Alteryx EMEA, and a session by Shaan Mistry, Solutions Architect Alteryx on advanced features of 2018.4.

Alteryx is the Channel Island’s leading self-service data platform and is used by a growing number of businesses. Current User Group members include professionals from across finance, management, the public sector, and many other industries.

Dan Hare, Founder, Continuum, said: “More and more organisations are recognising the importance of good data for their operations, and Alteryx is proving to be a very popular way for organisations to get transformative benefits in a quick, cost-effective way.

“Our last User Group was standing room only and with Stu, Katrin, and Shaan presenting at this event we expect it to be very popular.”

The next Alteryx User Group event takes place Thursday 15 November, from 12pm- 1.45pm at Digital Jersey Hub. Contact Continuum for details.

User Group 4.jpg

Event Agenda 15 November:

12:00 to 12:30: Lunch and Networking

12:30 to 12:45: Inspire Europe Highlights video
                                Weekly Challenges
                                Alteryx for Good

12:45 to 12:55 : Katrin Erb on winning the Grand Prix

12:55 to 13:05 : Stu Wilson (VP EMEA, Alteryx) Roadmap overview

13:05 to 13:45 : Shaan Mistry (Solutions Architect, Alteryx) on 2018.4 features
                                Advanced topic demonstration

User Group 7.jpg

Leveraging your investment in RPA

How to make the most of Robotic Process Automation

Business professionals from across Britain joined Alteryx at The Shard, London, last month for an insight into leveraging your investment in RPA.

Led by Dan Hare, Continuum, Tom Hardcastle, Alteryx, and Jake Willis, BETA Solutions, the seminar showcased a range of uses for Alteryx that would help businesses find new ways to make the most of the software.

Participants learnt how Alteryx can work for businesses, combining data from multiple sources to give analysts a ‘single view’ to improve accuracy and reporting.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automatically updates source systems through the user interface, without requiring a team member. This can save an organisation time and money, and the improved data and transparency can help improve the client experience.

Dan Hare, Founder, Continuum, said: “It was great to meet so many people from major organisations around Britain who are already using Alteryx, and after seeing what it can do, wish to use the tools in more advanced ways in their businesses.

“Data is part of the future for every business and we are seeing more and more organisations recognise the importance of embracing the tools available to improve the data they have, and the way they use it.”

Is your RPA process stalling? Do you want to find new ways to use Alteryx to meet regulatory requirements? Check out the webinar for the latest thinking.

The seminar includes an overview of RPA, an introduction to Alteryx Workflows, a solution overview, and a Q&A session with Dan helping participants address questions about how Alteryx is working in their own organisations. Watch it online here: