Meet Continuum at Skills Jersey this Friday

Wonder what the hottest career of the next decade may be? Think you need code to be able to succeed? Ready for a career change, or just curious about job opportunities after school or university?

Data is the currency of the 21st century, and organisations that capitalise on capturing and interpreting data are bounding ahead of the competition, creating new products and services, for customers of today and of tomorrow.

Continuum is helping organisations transform the way they manage and analyse data, so they can improve their businesses, free up staff time, and offer customers a better service.

Based in Jersey, Continuum is a consultancy firm, with experts who speak to organisations about their requirements and issues they are having with data and help them find the best solution.

One solution is Alteryx, a software programme that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse data and turn facts and figures into information that people in an organisation can use. Alteryx enables people to interpret data quickly and cost-effectively without the need for code.

“Data is going to provide the foundation for many businesses of the future, and with it, help form many careers. Organisations are realising the importance of good data analysis as part of their digital transformation and we are proud to be able to help people improve their businesses in this way. We are always open to talking to people about in a career in this fast-growing area and look forward to meeting some of Jersey’s talent of the future this week.” - Dan Hare, Founder, Continuum

As a global partner of Alteryx, Continuum is ideally placed to explain how the software works so you can see how AI is becoming integrated into a wide range of roles across Finance, Government, Media, Telecomms … and many more sectors.

If you’re interested in a career where you can develop your expertise in data analysis, learn how to manage projects, and help businesses, then come meet Continuum Founder Dan Hare and the team at Skills Jersey this Friday.

Continuum is exhibiting at the Jersey Skills Show, at Fort Regent, Friday 19 October from 10 am to 6.30pm.

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