How we can improve your data processes

Good data is vital to delivering successful projects.

Most businesses run on legacy systems that are typically old and difficult to update.

You need an alternative and Continuum will help you find ways to repeatably use good data making processes repeatable and more efficient. From compliance to improved data storage, meeting budgets and improving profitability. Here are a few examples of what we can do:



We used Alteryx desktop analytics to gather data from multiple systems, implement business rules, augment from spreadsheets and then output the required five files. We delivered the initial outputs in two days to meet the tight deadline, refining the system until the business had remediated the source problems. Tax reporting staff could then create a new set of files within five minutes from the desk top themselves without the need for precious internal IT resources.

For another client we delivered CRS reporting from start to finish, removing the need for an expensive vendor development.


Sanctions and Screening

We used Alteryx to compare different sets of data using complex, yet code free, fuzzy matching to provide clients with the comfort that their customer data is being properly screened.


Budgets and Targets

We automated the combination and presentation of data from multiple sources to provide actual figures, then split the data and sharing with the responsible managers for them to add expected revenues. The combined data is now validated and consolidated before presentation to the COO, automating a previously highly manual task. 


eCommerce valuation

We helped a client develop their own workflow that took data from online sales, warehouse management, accounting and Google Analytics to analyse the true cost of stock and prioritise Google AdWords to maximise profit and minimise stock.


Data Warehousing

Using WhereScape 3D & RED we trained a business analyst resource to build an automated data warehouse with built in data lineage to replace the highly manual processes and provide quality management information and customer data synchronised automatically into the CRM system.


Alteryx has completely transformed the way we work. Nearly a year in, it feels like our team is triple the size.
— Sam Lempriere, Hospital Informatics Manager at States of Jersey
We are active users at Enhance Group and couldn’t be happier with Alteryx and the support of Dan Hare and his team at Continuum.
— Justin Simpson, COO of Enhance Group
I have now enjoyed 2 one-day sessions with Continuum and Alteryx and participants from several companies each time. After only a few hours and with no background knowledge of Alteryx, we have been able to address real business problems and unlock more commercial insights, expertise, value and collaboration than in any other similar settings.
— Knut Rosjorde, CFO, FSN Capital (a Nordic mid-market buyout fund based in Oslo)
Dan understands data and works with businesses to produce sensible requirements for what they need, then works with project teams to deliver innovative solutions.
— Mohammad Jahanbin, Head of Quantitative Research, Maple Securities Hedge Fund
We identified a partner and a tool that has started a revolution in VG’s business.
That partner was Continuum Consulting, based in Jersey, led by Dan Hare who listened to our specific business needs and talked about a potential solution in the language we used
And the tool? It’s called Alteryx and VG is certainly not the only business in Jersey to recognise its potential…as a company that has looked after clients’ assets for more than 35 years, with legacy systems to match, we recognise that it can make a real and positive difference for our clients and our staff.
If you use Alteryx alongside other applications you can automate postings, routine data entry and maintenance and repeatable elements of client service. Our goal for the next 12 months is to use all these technologies to increase productivity by 6-10% across the business
— Mark Hucker, Managing Director, VG (Volaw Group)