Simple Solutions for your data problems

Data is your most valuable asset, but as it grows and changes it’s harder to keep up with the ever growing demands for information and insights for decision makers.

Fortunately we have the solution for the data problems that you face.

Continuum help you get what you need from your data with data driven tools like Alteryx, (Best BI and Analytics tool, Gartner Customer Choice Awards), PowerBI for visualisations, DataRobot (the platform for Artificial Intelligence and Automated Machine Learning), and Robotic Process Automation.

Global Alteryx Premier Partner Continuum are the market leader in data-driven solutions for Offshore and beyond.

Our clients automate the boring parts of their daily routine and go back to doing the job that they love, were hired to do in the first place, and still get home on time. 

What you need, with no code.

Are you ready to join the data revolution? Contact us to take your first step.

What is Continuum?

Founded here in Jersey, Channel Islands, in 2014, Continuum find simple, cost-effective solutions by providing the tools, enablement, and consultancy to help your business turn data into useable information.

Although we perform complete projects for clients who need results in a hurry, we really love training your team to solve their own problems, deliver more value and save more time.

Whilst we are specialists in Financial Services of all kinds, our growing team have many years’ experience working with data and bring skills and knowledge from a wide range of sectors and expertise.

Quick Wins to help your business:

  • Repeatably combine data from all your systems without coding

  • Regulatory reporting without massive IT or operational effort

  • Automate regular tasks such as Management Reporting, MI, budgeting, HR reporting

  • Free up the reporting team by allowing skilled analysts in the business to answer their own questions

  • Eradicate insecure copies of data

  • Access global expertise for specific requirements on a standard platform

  • Save money on external consultancy by developing the existing talent in your organisation


We have worked with clients in financial and professional services, Government, Media and Retail. Check out some of our testimonials to find out what people think.